Dario Bressanini  (Quantum) Monte Carlo tutorials

Basic Material
Introduction to QMC
A paper  found on XXX, and later published on the American Journal of Physics
Microscopic Simulation in Physics
A paper, by David Ceperley, published on Review of Modern Physics
Variational Monte Carlo
A review, by Peter Reynolds and Myself on VMC and optimization
Computer Simulation of Many Particle Systems
Another paper by DMC. you really must visit his site.
Advanced Material
Exact Quantum Monte Carlo
For the lovers of the Sign problem, a review by
Solving Many Body Problems with Random Walk
Lectures notes from
David Ceperley
Quantum Monte Carlo in Chemistry
by Ceperley and Mitas, on the Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
Optimizing Wavefunctions for QMC
A report from A. Williamson
Monte Carlo Optimization of Trial Functions
From Peter Nightingale and Cyrus Umrigar
Lecture Notes for QMC
Notes from
D. Ceperley