· Structural Crystallography in Health and Biosciences

                 The basics of diffraction methods and their relevance in biology,                  medicine and in the pharma-industry

· Polymorphism of Drugs

                 Theory, Experimental Techniques and Patent Litigations

· Nanotechnologies for Health and Biosciences

                 Nanomaterial characterisation for diagnosis, therapy and tissue                  rejuvenation

· Protein Crystallography: from Structure to Function

                 Crystal Growth, Diffraction and Complementary  Techniques



Contact Person


Dr. Simona Galli


Tel.: +39-031-2386627

Fax:  +39-031-2386630


Confirmed Speakers


R. Berisio (Napoli, Italy)

J. Bernstein (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

H.B. Bürgi (Bern, Switzerland)

W. Cabri (Rome, Italy)

A. Cervellino (PSI, Switzerland)

A. Cesŕro (Trieste, Italy)

I. Eberini (Milano, Italy)

P. Fornasini (Trento, Italy)

J.M. García Ruiz (Granada, Spain)

A. Guagliardi (Bari, Italy)

J.  Helliwell (Manchester, UK)

P. Juhás  (New York, USA)

P. Laggner (Graz, Austria)

N. Masciocchi (Como, Italy)

H. Monaco (Verona, Italy)

A. Pastore (London, UK)

Scope of the School

Crystallography is a mature scientific discipline, which has contributed, in the recent past, to the development of drugs, to the understanding of the biological activity of proteins and nucleic acids, to the comprehension of the unique properties of crystals at the  nanometer scale for diagnosis and drug-delivery and to shedding light on complex hierarchical organic-inorganic composites such as bone and enamel.

The purpose of the 2012 International Insubria Summer School is to explore the multiple aspects of crystallography: the world of crystallization, the more traditional and advanced experimental and  computational techniques and other complementary methods, which will be specifically focussed to the applications on health- and bio-sciences.

A full intensive week will be organized under the guide of internationally recognized experts in the field.



Giuseppe Cernuto