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  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • (Structured) Matrix Theory
  • Asymptotic Linear Algebra
  • Approximation Theory
  • Positive Operators
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Spectral Theory and Numerical Algorithms for linear systems coming from PDEs
  • Image Restoration and Signal Processing (Inverse Problems)
  • Web Searching Algorithms and Ranking Models (GOOGLE etc)
  • Software Engineering
  • Wireless Communications


  • 2014 - 15: scientific grant (approx. 60000EUR) for researches on the "Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) model" funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, supporting Swedish research in mathematics. Link.
  • 2008 - 09: one of the scientists involved in the project “I giorni della Scienza” organized by Fondazione Veronesi with Nobel laureates and scientists as Renato Dulbecco, Margherita Hack, Rita Levi Montalcini, Renzo Piano.
  • 2003: Director of a GNCS - INDAM (National Institute on Mathematics) project with the title "Preconditioning for indefinite and non symmetric systems arising in certain differential and integral equations".
  • 2002 - 04: Coordinator of a MURST (Ministry of University and Research) Project “Rientro dei Cervelli” (360 millions of Italian Lira; approx. 200000EUR) with the title "Multigrid and Wavelets algorithms for image restoration problems" in collaboration with M. Tasche (Rostock).
  • Three years COFIN/PRIN (Projects of National Relevance):
    PI = Principal Investigator
    2008-10: PI Bini, Problemi di algebra lineare numerica strutturata: analisi, algoritmi e applicazioni (participation as Unit Leader)
    2006-08: PI Bini, Metodi numerici per l'algebra lineare strutturata e applicazioni (participation as Unit Leader)
    2004-06: PI Bini, Analisi di strutture di matrici: metodi numerici e applicazioni
    2003-05: PI Quarteroni, Modellistica Numerica per il Calcolo Scientifico e Applicazioni Avanzate
    2002-04: PI Bini, Analisi di strutture di matrici: metodi numerici e applicazioni
    2000-02: PI Verdi, Calcolo Scientifico: Modelli e Metodi Numerici Innovativi
    1997-99: PI Ruggiero, Analisi numerica: metodi e software matematico
  • Several Projects with
  • Z.-J. Bai (Xiamen - China)
    R. Chan (Hong Kong - China)
    M. G. Neytcheva (Uppsala - Sweden)
    M. N. N. Namboodiri (Kochi - India)
    D. Noutsos (Ioannina - Greece)
    E. E.Tyrtyshnikov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
    P. Vassalos (Athens - Greece)
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