Simona Galli - RESEARCH ACTIVITIES - Last updated December 2015


By means of conventional structure determination techniques form single crystal X-ray diffraction, Simona Galli focused her research activities on the structural aspects of polyazolato-based coordination polymers possessing solid state, second order non linear optical properties.

More recently, she has widened her interests to include structure determination methods from X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) data. As a complementary technique, she also makes use of in situ variable-temperature XRPD, even in conditioned atmosphere, to characterise sorption-desorption processes or phase transitions.

Her XRPD structural characterizations principally focus on thermally stable coordination polymers built up by combining transition metal ions and poly(azolate) ligands and possessing functional properties such as second order NLO, magnetism, molecular recognition, permanent porosity. The latter functional property has represented and still represents her main research interest, as witnessed by the numerous publications on the subject in international scientific journals and by the deposition of an internationally granted patent.

During the past year, she has promoted the development of a research line devoted to coordination polymers containing perfluorinated spacers, with the aim of isolating low dielectric constant materials. The structural characterization is here complemented by impedance measurements.


Scientific collaborations have been or are at work with national and international research groups, at the University of Milano, the University of Camerino, the University of Turin, and the University of Sassari, in Italy; the University of Granada and the CSIS of Oviedo, in Spain; the University of North Texas, the Northwestern University of Chicago, the University of California, Berkeley, in the USA.




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