Due giorni di

Algebra lineare numerica

Como, 16-17 Febbraio 2017


Programma e Slides





8.45-­10.50 chairman Dario Bini

Fabio Di Benedetto Open problems in numerical simulation of superconducting magnets.

Santina Chiara Stissi On the stability of the Coco - Russo method for the Poisson equation.

Mariarosa Mazza Spectral analysis and spectral symbol for the 2D curl-curl (stabilized) operator with applications to the related iterative solutions.

Isabella Furci Staggered discontinuous Galerkin methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations: spectral analysis and computational results.

Vanni Noferini The structured condition number of a differentiable function between matrix manifolds.

10.50-­11.20 Coffee Break

11.20-­13.00 chairwoman Beatrice Meini

Leonardo Robol Decay bounds for the numerical quasiseparable preservation in matrix functions.

Stefano Massei Computations with semi-infinite quasi-Toeplitz matrices.

Carlo Garoni IgA vs. FEA in the Spectral Approximation: Symbol Analysis.

Fabio Roman Spectral analysis of matrices arising in isogeometric methods with GB-splines.

13.00-­14.30 Pranzo

14.30-­16.10 chairman Dario Fasino

Francesca Arrigo Nonbacktracking Walk Centrality for Directed Networks.

Stefano Pozza Stability of networks subgraph indexes.

Anna Concas Matrix algorithms for the seriation problem.

Davide Palitta Large-scale Lyapunov matrix equations with banded data.

16.10-­16.40 Coffee Break

16.40-­18.20 chairwoman Carla Manni

Pasqua D’Ambra Using an Auction Algorithm in AMG based on Maximum Weighted Matching in Matrix Graphs.

Andrea Franceschini A robust multilevel approximate inverse preconditioner for symmetric positive definite matrices.

Lucia Romani A linear algebra approach to the analysis of non-stationary subdivision for meshes with arbitrary topology.

Valentina Turati Algebraic multigrid method and Subdivision schemes.

18.20-19.00 Tavola Rotonda

20.00 Cena Sociale


8.45-­10.50 chairman Giuseppe Rodriguez

Claudio Estatico Iterative regularization in variable exponent Lebesgue spaces.

Chiara Guardasoni Platonic Solids, Restrictions Matrices and 3D Space-Time Energetic Galerkin BEM.

Antonio Cicone Numerical convergence and properties of the Iterative Filtering method for the analysis of nonlinear and nonstationary signals.

Alessandro Buccini Non-stationary regularizing preconditioners for ill-posed problems.

Marco Prato Comparison of first-order methods for phase estimation in differential-interference-contrast microscopy.

10.50-­11.20 Coffee Break

11.20-­13.00 chairman Daniele Bertaccini

Valentina De Simone BFGS-like updates of Constraint Preconditioners for sequences of KKT linear systems.

Antonio Fazzi Un metodo iterativo di tipo Gauss-Newton per la risoluzione del problema TLS.

Margherita Porcelli Preconditioning PDE-constrained optimization with L1-sparsity and control constraints.

Francesco Tudisco A nonlinear Krylov-type method for differentiable mixed subordinate matrix norms.

13.00-­14.30 Pranzo

14.30-­16.10 chairman Nicola Mastronardi

Luisa Fermo Numerical methods for Volterra integral equations basic to the solution of the KdV equation.

Fabio Durastante Solving mixed classical and fractional partial differential equations using short–memory principle and approximate inverses.

Massimiliano Fasi Multiprecision algorithms for the matrix logarithm.

Michela Redivo Zaglia EPSfun: a Matlab toolbox for implementing the simplified topological ε–algorithms and its applications.